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Guitars – Booths Student Instruments

Welcome to the introduction of our new Booths range of student classical guitars. Great care and effort has been put into sourcing  these already fine instruments, but like all student instruments the final attention to detail is massively instrumental to releasing the instrument’s full potential, especially to a complete beginner.

A student must feel comfortable with their chosen instrument right from the off. Therefore, every one of our nylon-strung Booths student guitars is shipped to the workroom upon arrival, where all sizes go through the same set up procedure, which includes:

  1. Attention to the saddle. This is the first thing to receive any adjustment, the height of the strings being massively important for a comfortable playing action. Strings that are too high from the fingerboard can be hard to press down and may result in the student unduly giving up.
  2. The top nut is the next ancillary to look at. This again is as important as the saddle. A well-tailored top nut results in a light and dexterous action at the lower end of the neck.
  3. We next tune the guitar, pre-tensioning the nylon strings several times to take the elasticity out of them (a trait with new strings) continuing until the string holds their pitch. They may slip slightly once playing starts, but should your tutor not be at hand, as with all Booths student guitars you are most welcome to bring the instrument into the store where we will tune it for you anytime free of charge. Similarly, should you unfortunately break a string we will replace it with no fitting charge.

What's included with our guitars?

If it’s just the instrument you are looking for, the student guitars are available to purchase on their own. However, for only £20 extra you can purchase a package. Guitar packages include all the items with which you would want to kick start your learning. These consist of a gigbag, a tuner, inclusion and fitting of an end onto the base and a strap in the colour of your choice. 

Guitar Prices:

1/4, 1/2 sizes: £75 (£95 with a package)
3/4 size: £79.00 (£99)
Full size: £89 (£109) 

Guitars - Booths Student Instruments

Why choose Booths student instruments?

These new products are of good quality and will see you a student happily through to intermediate level. However, what we also offer has been carefully thought through with our staff and teachers, using our 180+ years of experience in musical retail and aftercare to make these instruments stand out from the crowd:

Post manufacture check-up

All Booths students instruments go through the workshop for a full check up and service to ensure full playability from the off. For instance, taking a Booths violin, the bridge and top nut are set and cut to optimum heights and positions, pegs are checked for ease of tuning, strings are pre-tensioned and inlays have been added to aid initial intonation. Similar attention is given to all other Booths student instruments.

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