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Booths Music Instruments

We’re delighted to now offer our own Booths branded student products. Available in store, Booths Music instruments on sale include student range guitars, clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, cornets and violins.

Why choose Booths Music Instruments?

These new products are of good quality and will see any student happily through to intermediate level. However, what we also offer has been carefully thought through with our staff and teachers, using our 180+ years of experience in musical retail and aftercare to make these instruments stand out from the crowd.

Post manufacture check-up

All Booths Music instruments go through the workshop for a full check up and service to ensure full playability from the off. For instance, taking a Booths violin, the bridge and top nut are set and cut to optimum heights and positions, pegs are checked for ease of tuning, strings are pre-tensioned and inlays have been added to aid initial intonation. Similar attention is given to all other Booths student instruments.

3 Years Service Warranty

Should your instrument need attention in terms of set-up, tuning or otherwise, we offer 3 years of free service for woodwind and brass instruments in our Bolton workshop.

Added benefits to Booths Music Instruments

On top of the post-manufacture check up and service warranty, buyers of our Booths Music instruments will receive added perks such as a 10% loyalty card to be used in store, maintenance tips on their chosen products as well as a case log in event of accidental loss.

Booths Guitars

Student Guitars - Booths Music Instruments
  • Post-manufacture check up, involving setting action to optimum height, cutting nut to correct level & string pre-tensioning

  • Available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & full sizes

  • Packages available


Booths Violins

  • Final set-up included, bringing the instrument to optimum playability

  • Inlays cut to help with initial intonation

  • Hard case included

  • Available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes

  • Beginner Violins – READ MORE

  • Intermediate Violins – READ MORE

  • Advanced Violins – William Davy Range READ MORE

Violins - Booths Music Instruments

Booths Woodwind

Booths Woodwind

Booths Brass

  • Trumpets READ MORE

  • Cornets READ MORE

  • 3 years service warranty included

  • Free mouthpiece removal

Brass Student Instruments

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    Discover our own Booths Music range of student guitars, brass, woodwind and violins and see what sheet music we have in stock. 

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