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Trumpets – Booths Student Instruments

Welcome to the introduction of our new Booths range of student trumpets and brass instruments. Great care and effort has been put into sourcing these already fine instruments, but like all student instruments the final attention to detail is massively instrumental to releasing its full potential; something especially important to a complete beginner.

As already stated, we have taken great care to provide you with the best opportunity to consistently progress with your chosen instrument. Our trumpets and brass instruments aren’t the least expensive or indeed the most expensive, but what we regard to be a bench mark in being able to obtain a reliable, well intonated and free flowing student instrument.

Booths Music Trumpets

Included with our Trumpets

In our workshop, the trumpets are given a final pre-sale check up, inducing:

  • Removal of all transportation material
  • Checking the precision of the valves, their ease and fluidity and giving them an initial oiling.
  • Moving all slides to check they have been greased and are smooth in their operation. This is not a worry for beginners, but at a later stage a band master may ask you to tune your instrument.
  • Checking spit valve tensions and correct cork seating. An identification tag is fitted to the case of the instrument in case of accidental loss or misplacement.

A Booths unique warranty is included with the instrument acknowledging we will service and maintain the instrument at any point within three years of the students purchase; an endorsement indeed to the credit of these fine instruments. Additional extras include a maintenance booklet, a loyalty card and Booths practice diary.

We also include a half price lesson voucher, in the case of younger students, should school lessons not be  possible or extra one-to-one tutorage out of school be required. Adults of course, should they find they need guidance at any point along the way are also welcome.

Price of Trumpets: £159

Trumpets Booths Student Instruments

Why choose Booths student instruments?

These new products are of good quality and will see you a student happily through to intermediate level. However, what we also offer has been carefully thought through with our staff and teachers, using our 180+ years of experience in musical retail and aftercare to make these instruments stand out from the crowd:

Post manufacture check-up

All Booths students instruments go through the workshop for a full check up and service to ensure full playability from the off. For instance, taking a Booths violin, the bridge and top nut are set and cut to optimum heights and positions, pegs are checked for ease of tuning, strings are pre-tensioned and inlays have been added to aid initial intonation. Similar attention is given to all other Booths student instruments.

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