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Woodwind Lessons

"There are several instruments in the woodwind lessons category, but here we will concentrate on the three most popular choices: saxophone, clarinet and the flute."

Woodwind Lessons for:


The saxophone is an absolutely iconic instrument and in every genre of music. You will find it in orchestral pieces, jazz, rock, blues, soul, pop and more. Once at a competent level, you certainly won’t find a shortage of bands to play with if this is your chosen instrument. Through our years of experience servicing saxophones, in terms of its keywork etc. we can certainly say that it’s quite a complicated object. The actual physical playing though isn’t that difficult, but as with all instruments it requires dedicated practice if you are to achieve your desired level of skill. What’s more they’re fairly maintenance free (suggested service periods are 12 to 18 months), except for the reeds, which are quite inexpensive and aren’t a deterrent in terms of general instrument maintenance.

Many students who enquire with us will say they have been inspired to play by a piece of music. If it’s a sax student, it’s likely to be one of the popular sax greats that has gripped them: Pink Panther, Baker Street, perhaps Born to run or Pink Floyd’s Money. As I said, however, you can pick any type of music and find a classic sax solo within it.

Students are free to choose either to do exams or follow their own musical journey. Either way, you will learn how to be expressive and creative on this wonderful instrument of diversity and improvisation.


Very similar to the saxophone in terms of keywork, the clarinet is another reed instrument but not quite as diverse in its areas of musical comfort. Not often found outside orchestral, jazz or more contempary forms of music, it is most at home when asked to deliver a warm, earthy, sometimes breathy tone to a melodically inspired piece of music (Stranger On The Shore, for example). It has a certain sweet sounding mellowness that no other instrument can match. Other advantages include the cost, which is way under half the price of its saxophone counterpart. It also allows a student, should they wish, to make the transition to saxophone at a later date relatively easy. Storing the skills you’ve acquired with the clarinet can help you discover the freedom of versatility from the saxophone.

Recent Reviews

"Been coming to Booth’s Music for drum lessons and practice for the past 7 months and everybody in the shop is amazing! My teacher has been super supportive and I have improved so much overtime. Really recommend Booth’s Music to anyone looking to get music lessons :)! "
Afnan Gohar
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"Great shop and tuition in all things musical run by lovely people. What more can I say?"
Hilary Gregory
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Another beautiful sounding instrument, the flute is capable of amazing melodic solos played either on its own, accompanied by a single piano or with the full backing of a sixty piece orchestra. It can very much hold its own.

Akin to blowing across the top of a milk bottle, unlike the mouthpieces of the saxophone and clarinet, the flute requires no reed. The sound dynamics are driven purely by the student’s breath. Not easy at first, but once mastered it’s like riding a bike…you never forget. Being fairly maintenance free, a service is only recommended perhaps every 12 to 18 months. It should give you years of uninterrupted playing pleasure.

Woodwind Lessons for all ages & abilities

In our light and airy studios you can find woodwind lessons and tuition for flute, clarinet, saxophone and other woodwind instruments such as recorder. Experienced woodwind tutors are on hand throughout the week and although they encounter great demand, we are always happy to accommodate new pupils for music lessons and tuition.

A studious yet relaxed one-to-one learning environment is provided to students of all ages, ability and musical preference. Whether you want to study academically through the grades, brush up on your existing instrumental technique, or just have fun learning to play your favourite tunes and pieces at your own pace, our expert team of music tutors aim to fully cater for your individual needs.

A whole range of pupils benefit from the skills of our music tutors in our teaching studios – many have progressed to success through graded exams with the ABRSM, Trinity College and London College schools of music, while others are happy to enjoy the music they love to play in a relaxed environment.

Please call in or contact us for more information on our wide range of music tutors covering everything from guitar lessons to music tuition and string instrument lessons. If you would like to enquire about the availability of lessons, please fill out the form below. Remember we have a selection of new and used woodwind instruments in stock, with many other models available to order. Popular brands that we carry include Trevor James, Miyazawa and Yanagasawa. Repairs and servicing on wind instruments is conducted from our own specialist workshop. Please enquire for more information.

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