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Drum Lessons at Booths

Another highly popular choice among aspiring musicians, drum lessons at Booths are available everyday with our expert teachers. The Drum studios have been designed and built to the specific needs of each different drum tutor. They feature acoustic kits, speakers or CD players as well as various accessories and percussion instruments on hand in order to aid progress. Instructional, inspirational DVDs can be accessed if required.

Along with our normal acoustic kits, we also have the latest Zildjian low volume cymbals and Remo Silentstroke heads that are perfect for playing with dynamics whilst keeping the volume lower. These have allowed us to have more drum lessons taking place at the same time whilst keeping the neighbours happy! 

Drum lessons Bolton - Live Zone
Emily Drum Lessons Bolton

Various exam boards are supported and our drum tutors have helped students gain an extremely high pass rate on the popular RSL Rockschool programme. Should you wish to work towards a grade, get in touch to sign up for our no-commitment drum lessons. 

Professional Drum Lessons For All Ages and Abilities

Through our drum lessons and tuition, pupils are already enjoying success from as young as six years old and with no age limit set, learning the drums really is for everyone to enjoy.

Drum Kit Lessons

Please call in or contact us for more information on our wide range of music tutors, covering everything from guitar lessons to theory tuition and string instrument lessons. If you would like to enquire about the availability of drum lessons, please fill out the form below.

Please remember that Booths Music is a registered RSL Rockschool exam centre and students from the local area can choose to sit their graded guitar, bass or drum exam from our studios. We also stock all RSL exam repertoire and teaching material. Please enquire for more details.

Booths Music actively collects for various charities throughout the year with a book club and charity events that our teachers and students have the option to perform in.

Recent Reviews

"Great shop run by great family oriented folks. My son takes drum lessons with James who shows great patience and care. Long tradition and presence in Bolton. They don't use inferior kit to teach on, will always try to adapt to your wallet in recommending the best books, kit and instruments. Truly skilled folks"
Steve Nisbet
Google review
"I think I've been going here for the best part of 10 years, and honestly I do not regret it at all. I've been taught the Drums and the Bass here by excellent teachers. The owners and the staff here are friendly, and make you feel welcome. They do good deals on gear and instruments. Would go here."
Ben Nightingale
Facebook Review

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    Guitar lessons for all ages, covering all styles and exam boards.


    Drum lessons take place everyday in our light and airy studios.


    Various singing teachers are available to cover different styles and boards.

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    Piano lessons are hugely popular, covered every day of the week.

    Brass Lessons at Booths - Trumpet


    Brass tuition available to cover the majority of brass instruments.

    Woodwind Tuition


    Sign up for saxophone, flute, clarinet and recorder lessons.

    String Tuition


    Violin, viola available every day at our Bolton centre. Cello and double bass please enquire.



    One of our latest group sessions available to enthusiastic musicians is our newly-established Live Zone program.


    To go alongside our recording studio, engineering lessons are now available during the week.

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    Simply fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll find a weekly day and time that works for you. These include after school times until 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays. Click the icon above to read more. 

    We teach all popular instruments in various styles. All lessons at Booths are one-to-one to provide maximum productivity. All exam boards covered. Click the icon above to read more. 

    Read through all the individual profiles of over 30 enthusiastic and experienced music tutors across all instruments as well as the staff here at Booths. Click the icon above to read more. 

    Read through our latest student achievements at our Bolton centre as well as testimonials from musicians and customers.


    Discover our own Booths Music range of student guitars, brass, woodwind and violins and see what sheet music we have in stock. 

    Booths is proud to be an official RSL (Rockschool) exam centre, welcoming hundreds of enthusiastic candidates every year.