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Instrument Repairs at Booths

Conducted at our Bolton workshop, Booths Music’s instrument repair service covers everything from professional guitar setups, instrument restoration and all manner of musical instrument repairs.



We have worked on some amazing guitars for customers of great diversity over the years. Whether it’s an electric, acoustic, bass or indeed any strung instrument, we would love to have the opportunity to improve your guitar’s overall playability in our Bolton workshop.

A guitar set-up at Booths involves a string change, truss rod adjustment, fret polishing, finger-board oiling, electronics service, set action, set intonation, a check of the machineheads and overall fine-tuning of the instrument. Click the link below to read more information about our guitar repairs and setups. 

Bolton Guitar Setups

Recent Reviews

"I've just got my seagull S6 back .I asked for a set up as it was difficult for me to play . and all I can say is fantastic. it's now a pleasure to play instead of chore. I haven't put it down since I picked it up today.... its made my dream guitar a dream to play. thank you.."
Chris Bond
Facebook review
"Always excellent service from excellent staff. Great info and advice and the best guitar set ups I've had! Serving us well for years and years, and here's to many more."
Joe Lomax
Facebook Review
"It’s so great that we have this amazing music shop in Bolton. They do instrument repairs, they even repair oboes. Thank you so much to Tony for making such an effort to repair my oboe quickly in the middle of a stressful week. Such friendly, helpful staff."
Jackie Tomlinson
Facebook review
"Took my guitar in for a repair, god knows what had been done to it before it was given to me. New frets, and some serious rehabing later it looks great and sounds great.They even remembered to restring it for a left hander. I honestly though it was a lost cause but they proved me wrong and for less than a cheap replacement would have cost."
Emma Riddiford
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Booths Music is proud to have been providing woodwind repairs services and setups since the 1800s. A service on a woodwind instrument can mean the difference from a wheezy, thin sounding and hard to blow gas pipe to a free flowing, precisely accurate and perfectly intoned instrument.

Woodwind repairs involve oiling the rods and pivot points, a check and adjustment of spring tensions, regulation check and adjustment and a pressure test to ensure a reliable instrument. See our guide on maintenance tips for saxophone and flute. Click here to read more about Booths Music woodwind repairs.


Brass instrument repair has been a feature of the Booths workshop from day one. It involves valve honing, easing of tricky slides, replacement of corks and felts, everything that’s essential to confident playing.

VIOLIN SETUP – (with personal string choice)

Violin, Viola and ‘Cellos are all chromatically easier to play if set up properly. We also undertake sound post positioning, all forms of restoration and maintainence etc. See our tips on violin maintenance.

BOW REHAIR – (We only advise rehairing more expensive bows these days, using only the finest horse hair and professional technique).

Our violin and instrument repairs workshop is now home to William Davy products, our latest advanced violins. Described as producing instruments of grand rich and of mellow tone, William Davy was a Bolton-based violin maker from the early 1900s. Davy in fact practised his skill in a small room along Churchbank in the town centre on almost the exact same site as our current repair workshop. The locality of the William Davy workshop and the history surrounding the man himself has naturally been a point of interest for various generations of the Booths Music team; in 2015 we thought it was high time the brand name was rekindled.

We would be happy to advise as best we can on any instrument repairs or service enquiries that you may have.

Bolton Instrument Repairs

Booths Music instrument repairs take place at our town centre workshop in conjunction with Studio Circle Office Space.

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