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Woodwind Repairs Services and Setups

Booths Music is proud to have been providing woodwind repairs services and setups since the 1800s. A service on a woodwind instrument can mean the difference from a wheezy, thin sounding and hard to blow gas pipe to a free flowing, precisely accurate and perfectly intonated instrument.

If a key or pad is badly fitted or the regulation on an instrument is poor then the task of playing this instrument will be twice as hard as it should be, if not impossible.

It is imperative that everything locks up correctly and no air is allowed to escape from the keywork, this being the end result of the woodwind repairs service.

Firstly, all necessary keywork is removed from the instrument enabling (where needed) the cleaning and de-greasing of the tubing and soundhole rims, plus any attention to individual keys. This gives us a chance to clean and re-lubricate the rods and pivot points essential to the smooth operation of the keys. The keys are now ready to be reassembled back onto the instrument and it is at this point we can begin to assess the spring tensions. A not too strong but not too weak balance must be achieved generating an even consistency of pressure throughout the range of keys.

Once the condition of any felts or corks has been assessed and deemed to be in good order (replaced if not) we can move onto the most important area to any woodwind instruments wellbeing, regulating the keywork .

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Woodwind Repairs and Services

Whether you require a saxophone service, flute service, or clarinet service, these points must be addressed during all woodwind repairs to ensure the instruments’ optimum playability.

Finally, a thorough clean and a careful check that no excess keyoil has leaked onto the instrument as well as a final pressure check to confirm that all the keywork locks up perfectly, your flute service, clarinet service or saxophone service is complete.

Woodwind Repairs Example Costs (ex. VAT)

Flute service – £108.00 (inc. vat)

Clarinet service – £108.00 (inc. vat)

Saxophone Alto – £144.00 / Tenor £180.00 (inc. vat)

Oboe / Bassoon – Price on Inspection

Prices are excluding VAT and necessary pad replacements. We have done some characterful and interesting instruments of great diversity within our service criteria for customers, whether it’s for flute, clarinet or saxophone we would love to have the opportunity to improve its overall playability.

We can arrange to have your instrument picked up for woodwind repairs and redelivered for a £10.00 each way trip within the Northwest.

Depending on workroom activity normal turnaround is usually within three days. We are happy to quote for any other repair or upgrade you may require to any instrument.


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