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Preowned Instruments Email List

As many of our customers will be aware, we deal with a lot of preowned guitars. When a more desirable model comes into stock and is posted on social media, it’s usually only a matter of hours before the instrument is snapped up, but we see a lot of subsequent interest from the wider community of potential buyers.

To give customers a fairer chance of snapping up a bargain used guitar, we have decided to create a special “priority” mailing list. We will then create a bulletin of any interesting guitars that arrive in stock. This will be emailed to customers on the “priority” list a day or two before the instruments get posted online to give a special peek at what is about to go on sale. If any items take your fancy, simply call, email or send a private message to reserve the guitar.
Please feel free to sign up to the list and stay posted for any exciting used guitars that may arrive in stock.

Pre-Owned Instruments Mailing List

Be First in the queue with our used instruments mailingn list. When something new comes through the door, you’ll hear about it first.