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Guitar Setup Vouchers

Guitar setup vouchers are an ideal gift for guitar lovers. If someone you know has a guitar that hasn’t had a full mot service in a while (or ever!), a setup will restore it back to its best. Includes your choice of strings. Vouchers are mounted in a stylish presentation wallet to make an eye-catching gift.


Joe Lomax - Facebook Review
"Always excellent service from excellent staff. Great info and advice and the best guitar set ups I've had! Serving us well for years and years, and here's to many more."
Lee Mitton - Google Review
"Another quality job by Tony. He has just changed my telecaster's pickups from the factory ones to tone rider city limits. Great job the guitar sounds great."
Jackie Tomlinson - Facebook Review
"It’s so great that we have this amazing music shop in Bolton. They do instrument repairs, they even repair oboes. Thank you so much to Tony for making such an effort to repair my oboe quickly in the middle of a stressful week. Such friendly, helpful staff."
Emma Riddiford - Facebook Review
"Took my guitar in for a repair, god knows what had been done to it before it was given to me. New frets, and some serious rehabing later it looks great and sounds great.They even remembered to restring it for a left hander. I honestly though it was a lost cause but they proved me wrong and for less than a cheap replacement would have cost."
Alison Fieldhouse - Google Review
"My six year old flute was beginning to sound breathy and it was getting hard to play top notes clearly (I thought it was me). Tony serviced my flute last week. It sounds like a brand new flute! It sings again 🎶. Tony replaced a faulty key pad and sorted out the cork mechanism which was moving around." Thank you so much. I’ll be back again next year for its next service 🙂
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Guitar Setup Vouchers


Guitar setups are an interesting and rewarding side to our workshop. There is great satisfaction knowing the work you put into the repair or setup of a guitar will result in the player being able to expand his skills knowing his instrument is set up to its optimum best.

Many aspects to a guitar’s optimum playability depend on multiple factors. The fingerboard for instance is crucial to the feel and dexterity that a player will experience. Once the fingerboard is aligned, the frets must then be checked for accuracy. A rouge or lifted fret can mean a note ‘choking’ resulting in a dead sound; this can cause the player to avoid that particular area of the fretboard … not good.

The intonation and action height again can contribute hugely to a player’s positive mind-set. If the intonation is out, there will be a discrepancy in the octave. The action unduly high (at the saddle or nut) will result in difficulty achieving the right dexterity and speed.

Discover our new instrument collection service

Have your instrument picked up and returned to your address for £10.

Bolton Guitar Setups

Once we are happy with this area of playability, we can move onto other important if not crucial parts of guitar setups. These include parts that ensure overall player confidence. Attention to machine head tensions, pick up height, crackle free electrics and a general tightening down of the build all contribute to make sure your instrument will perform faultlessly. This leaves you to fill in the cleaver bits i.e. the song and the solos that the audience appreciates!

Also Included in the guitar setups service is the buffing of frets, oiling of the fingerboard, fitting of new strings (pre tensioning) and a general polishing and review of the body. Finally we do an overall playability check.

We have worked on some amazing guitars for customers of great diversity over the years. Whether it’s an electric, acoustic, bass or indeed any strung instrument, we would love to have the opportunity to improve its overall playability.

Instrument Collection Service

Our new collection service offers instrument repairs with the added convenience of pick-up and delivery. 

Pickup and return days are currently the mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the service is available for those in Bolton and its surrounding areas. However, if you are slightly further afield don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Please see below for more information.


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Discover More About Our Repairs

Conducted at our Bolton workshop, Booths Music’s instrument repair service covers everything from professional guitar setups, instrument restoration and all manner of musical instrument repairs. Booths is a family run business and is now into its third generation of repairers. 

See below for more information on guitar setups, woodwind repairs, brass, strings as well as effects and amplifier repairs.

Bolton Instrument Repairs