Workroom Outlet Deals

The workroom has a regular influx of second hand instruments, which we are now advertising here and selling off at bargain prices. If you’re interested in one of the items below please contact us via the form, call 01204 522908 or come in store.

Fully playable & approved


Les Paul Copy


Ace, through-neck LP copy. Plays really well, new strings, set up etc. Damaged neck… cosmetically visible but repaired and solid. Bargain.

Classical Guitar


Old, but still plays well. Full size classical guitar branded Queen harp. New strings & checked through.

L/H Strat Copy


Pre-owned, rare, left handed Stratocaster copy. Set up and plays very well.

Maxine Les Paul Copy


A couple of paint issues on the lower shoulder, otherwise absolutely fine, plays very well.

Precision Bass


Beginners Precision bass, plays well, complete with new gig bag, lead and plecs.

Acoustic Guitar


Encore acoustic, nicely set up, fairly new strings.

3/4 Size Guitar


3/4 clasical guitar, suitable for 6 to 8 year olds. Damaged but repaired, includes padded gig bag.

1/2 Size Guitar


Steel strung 1/2 size child’s guitar to suit 6 to 8 year olds, pre-owned including gigbag.

Guitar Hard Case


Oblong hard case for electric guitar, bargain.

Les Paul Hard Case


Quality hard case for a Les Paul shaped guitar. Couple of light scuffs.

Guitar Strap


Bikers guitar strap, “metal rules”. Bit worn but still plenty life in the old girl.

Guitar Strap


Calling Jam fans! Comfy guitar strap, suede ends.

Bass Guitar Gigbag


Thunderbird bass gigbag. Pretty rare.

Telecaster Body


Fancy building your own guitar? Here’s a good telecaster body to start you off.

Les Paul Hard Case


Pre-owned electric guitar case suitable for Les Paul shape, without the reverse angled neck (not the depth) i.e. Epiphone or real Gibbo unsuitable.

Violins & String

Electric Violin


Plays OK, a couple of small scratches on the back. No case or bow.

1/2 Size Violin


Stradivarius-labelled 1/2 size violin outfit. A rare, individual, low volume instrument of character. Suitable for 6-8 year olds.

1/2 Size Violin


Booths 1/2 size violin (new price £99.00) outfit in excellent condition. Ideal for 6-8 year olds.

Zeller 1/2 Violin


1/2 size violin outfit. Bow and case not fantastic but for those who know or recognise the name will know it’s a student instrument of renowned quality. New strings fitted.

1/2 Size Violin


Primavera 1/2 violin, ideal for 6 to 8 year olds, condition is like new.

Pink Violin

FREE with lessons

Pink full size (13 +) violin, complete with bow and case. FREE with three booked violin lessons.

Forenza Viola


15.5″ Viola outfit, looks as new, new quality strings fitted.

3/4 Violin Case


Not pretty, but protective if you don’t have one. £2.00 to charity tin.

1/4 Size Violin Case


1/4 size violin case, preowned.

1/4 Violin Case


Pre-owned but in excellent condition 1/4 size Primavera violin case.

3/4 Cello Bag


Second hand 3/4 size cello gig bag. Good condition.

Cello Case


Full size, light-weight cello case.


Earlham Euphonium


Earlham preowned euphonium. Great introduction into background brass.



Melody Maker silver trombone. Not a perfect player but fine to get started with.

Trumpet Bb


Preowned Bb Trumpet. A bit rattly, but a good tester to see if you’ve an interest.


Alto Saxophone


Earlham alto saxophone. Serviced and ready to go. Jaztastic! Case, reeds etc. included.


Stagg TIM122B Drum Kit


Clearance Stock!! Unopened. Stagg 122b drum kit in wine red. A bargain for any beginner at £299.

Vintage Premier Kit


60s Premier 5 piece drum kit in need of some TLC. Various stands cymbals inc. Not a beginners kit …a project for enthusiasts in vintage kits who like a restoration challenge.



Fancy re-skinning this Djembe? Or having it as a fancy lamp-stand or plant pot. Doable repair but time consuming.

Faulty Cry Baby


Cry Baby pedal. Not working, but fixable by someone with electrical skills and patience.



Give this 5-string G banjo a new home. Decent beginners’ instrument, new strings & well set up. THIRTY RODS! Damage to skin but not affecting tone.

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If you’d like to enquire about one of the items listed above, please get in touch via the form below, call 01204 522908 or pop into the shop.