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A Week at Booths! Interview with Nishan Nathoo

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Hi Nishan! We hope you’ve had a great week on work experience here at Booth’s, please introduce yourself for our readers!

Erm hi I’m Nishan, I’m 14 and came to booth’s music for my work experience at Sharples high school.

What instrument(s) do you play?

For the academic years 5 – 8 I played the clarinet, now I play mainly drums but additionally guitar/bass and steal my sisters ukulele from time to time.

What kind of music are you into Nishan? Do you have any favourite bands or drummers?

My absolute 100% favourite band right now are called black veil brides and they are are a heavy metal/rock’n’roll band. They have 3 albums out and their next one is due on 28/10/14. My favourite drummers would probably be Christian ‘CC’ Coma of black veil brides or James Cassells of Asking Alexandria.

What’s your favourite album and why?

Black veil brides – Set the world on fire, because it contains (in my opinion) a wide array of different music styles; within the album there are fast, slow, happy, emotional and assuring songs, plus the guitar and drum parts are mixed impecably well.

Favourite Film?

Lord of the rings/ The Hobbit

Favourite Book?

All the Harry Potters

How was it working in the music industry for a week? Did you learn anything new about Booths??

Working in the music industry was great, I learned many valuable and practical lessons over the week and helped prepare a new store website that will soon be launched. I learned how to restring a guitar properly, how to maintain a guitar and what’s inside the body of one, how to use a credit card/ cash machine and plenty more. Overall my time at Booths was truly amazing, I always felt welcomed and safe and would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you Nishan for all your enthusiasm and hard work over the week!