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Solutions for Violin Tuning Problems

When it comes to violin tuning,  players often experience difficulty in re-tuning their instrument either from ill fitting pegs, slipping pegs or just the physical effort it takes to twist and turn. Over the months and years, hours of valuable practice time can be wasted.

Here is a superb innovation that relieves all of those violin tuning problems. Wittner fine tune pegs are adjusted by a smooth gearing system built into the actual peg. The shaft is locked within the pegbox; consequently fine tuning is easy and precise. Slipping peg problems are eliminated.

There are basically two types of Wittner fine violin tuning pegs:

  • Black (ebony lookalike) at £69.00. Available in store at Booths,  £99.00 for pegs including fitting.
  • Rosewood at £130.00. Available at Booths, full size £159.00 including fitting.

The violin pictured is a antique finish primavera 200 with fitted rosewood (lookalike pegs) which will give you an idea of the style of pegs.

You are most welcome to try, inspect or simply view this instrument on request if you think this excellent violin tuning system may be of help to you. Simply get in touch with the team or pop in store.

Violin Tuning & Repairs

If you are having general tuning problems or other issues with your violin or indeed other instruments, Booths Music offers a repair service at our Bolton based workshop. We’re happy to provide general information and tips when it comes to violin tuning in store.

If you would like to broaden your skill-set and take your violin playing to another level, we have weekly violin lessons at our Bolton tuition centre. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01204 522908 concerning any of the above!

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