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William Davy 1521 Cello – SOLD


February saw the sale of William Davy cello 1521. Its recipient travelled in to try the instrument here at our workshop in Bolton and soon decided it was the cello for her. 

Hopefully this was an informal and relaxed experience with the player being able to spend as much time as necessary in order to evaluate the tone and precision of one of these specially imported hand finished instruments.

Should you have any enquiries regarding a string instrument of this quality please do not hesitate to ask.

William Davy 1521 Cello Details

The wood used in this particular cello is Himalayan Spruce for the tops and AA quality maple for the ribs and back. The woods have been air dried for a minimium of 5 years. Fittings are hardwood ebony or rosewood. The instrument has been slightly antiqued and is finished with several layers of hand applied spirit varnish.

The instrument is totally unique and individual, as is every player.

William Davy 1521 Cello before its set up in the workshop.

Click here to read more about the William Davy brand. String and cello lessons are available at our Bolton tuition centre. If you wish to learn more about our music lessons, please visit the main Booths Music website at