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Conixi Perform at Party in the Park!

We’re delighted to bring you news of an exciting new band of young budding musicians. Conixi (which means “pulling together” in Latin) consists of Cameron on bass, Felix on lead guitar and Mackenzie smashing it on the drums, all of whom have lessons here at Booths. Having only formed in the last few months and rehearsed with our drum and guitar tutor Tommy, the band have now started performing live, including their recent gig at Party in the park 2018!

Whilst covering popular songs such as James Brown’s I Feel Good, they are writing their own songs such as their latest Lifetime! You can listen to this track in the Youtube video belowFor us at Booths it’s great to see how well the young lads are developing and proud that they are dedicating such time to the enjoyment of music. We look forward to watching the group progress in future as well as all those involved in the Live Zone sessions!

Conixi at Party in the Park

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