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The BBC’s Jack Murphy visits Booth’s Music

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Those of you who are fans of the BBC 2 show “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” will have, no doubt, spotted Booth’s Music in the second episode, that was screened last night.

Well-known choreographer to the stars, Jack Murphy; and a group of original patrons of the prestegious “Palais de Danse” (also formerly Ikon night club); are recreating the glory days of 1950s dance hall in this new BBC series. One of the participants in the show, Joe, came along to Booth’s Music earlier in the year to deliver a presentation of his MC skills to Jack and his film crew.

Following the introduction here in one of the studios, Joe has been able to learn a whole new range of dance skills under the watchful eye of Jack and, as you can see in the episode, has been able to incorporate some moves into his own live act. Well done giving it a go, Joe!

You can check out the episode on BBC iPlayer…