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Songwriting Day Review!

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The Booths Music marquee played host to a songwriting workshop on Saturday afternoon, presented by professional artist Nick B. Hall. The event attracted a very varied crowd of local songwriters, from budding young talent to seasoned players. Over the course of the afternoon, attendees were treated to a presentation of music composed by Nick accross his career, with a number of interesting stories and helpful advice that related to each song.

Following the presentation, Nick set everybody in the marquee to work on their own composition. Alongside his lyrical or musical guidance, everybody was eager to crack on and put a song together and perform their piece in front of the crowd.

Songwriting Day Winner!

There was a great standard of effort with the songwriting from everybody in the marquee and Nick chose local songwriter and musician John Smethurst as the most inventive composer, awarding him with a Tanglewood Croassroads Dreadnought guitar as his prize.

A lot of positive feedback was recieved from the crowd and it was evident that everybody who attended took at least a bit of knowlege or experience away with them that had been learned on the day. From my point of view, it was very nice to see all the different musicians interacting and there was a great deal of excitement when it came to the composition and performance part of the work shop.

“Well Done!” – to everybody who came along on the day, and of course to John for winning the guitar. Also, thanks to Nick B. Hall (great to meet this very friendly, talented chap) and Mike Neild of Tanglewood Guitars for helping us put this succesful event together. I hope there will be many more – COLIN.