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Booths Music Shop – Poem by Leane Cartwright

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Many thanks and much appreciation goes to one of our music students for writing this lovely poem about Booths Music. Here’s Booths Music Shop by Leane Cartwright!

Booths Music Shop is a place in Bolton Town,

where the staff never let the customers down.

The street that it’s on is called Churchgate,

and everything about it is first-rate.

This business started in Eighteen Thirty Two,

and has gone from strength to strength, that’s true.

It sells items, such as instruments, books,

strings, reeds, polishing cloths, how good they look.

Booths Music shop also does instrument repairs,

and takes customers’ orders, with good cares.

The staff there are all very kind,

which is a great thing to bear in mind.

Booths Music Shop has several music rooms,

which the teachers and students use, without gloom.

They have lessons, which are both serious and fun,

for half an hour is how long they’re run.

Music examinations are performed there as well,

so the students play to their best, and clear as bells.

In their results, they find out if they have a pass,

a merit or a distinction, as nice as grass.

This shop has a number of music groups,

who practise and give concerts, making good scoops.

There’s a rock workshop, a woodwind group, a choir,

and a stringed orchestra, plus more to admire.

Outside the shop are several posters,

about concerts and venues, as good as coasters.

They’re found on the side wall, by the door,

attracting many people, like something so pure.

This wonderful place feels like a dream,

making one look like the cat who got the cream.

The staff there all deserve thanks and praise,

for helping the customers throughout the days.

-Leane Cartwright. July 2015.