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Stagg Rhythm Challenge winner announced…

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November was an exciting time at Booth’s Music , with drummers from accross the local area and a large number of students who have lessons at Booth’s, taking part in the Stagg Rhythm Challenge. Attracting over eighty ‘competitors,’ the goal of the event is to record the fastest drum roll over sixty seconds using the ‘beat counter’ function of the Rhythm Trainer device.

The actual fastest score recorded was 1174BPM, by Booth’s Music drum and guitar tutor Tommy Govan, although as Tommy is a tutor at the shop it was decided to give the price to the fastest drummer on the ‘student leader board’. Max Ainsworth (sixteen years old) managed to get 1029BPM, with Joe (also sixteen) getting second place with 963BPM, and another Joe Birch in third with 962BPM.

Other than Tommy winning #1 on the ‘adult’ leader board, the next scores  for the Stagg Rhythm Challenge were achieved by Booth’s Music web designer James Aspinall with 1163BPM, tutor Matt Harrison with 1104, and well-known local drummer Karl Riley of the band Carcer City scored 1099BPM.
Forty-two drum students who have lessons at Booth’s Music took part in the Stagg Rhythm Challenge, with ages ranging from seven years-old upwards. Max one of the Stagg Rhythm Trainers to practice his drumming rudiments on, with Joe getting a brick of sticks and Joe Birch a drum stick bag.

The Stagg EBT-10 Rhythm Trainer has been a popular gift for Christmas and is available in store. While the drum pad makes a responsive surface to practice drum rolls and technqiues, it also has a number of digital features that help to record and push drummers’ skills.

Stagg Rhythm Challenge : Money Raised

We would like to thank everybody who came along to Booth’s Music to take part in the Stagg Rhythm Challenge, which raised a total of £142.08 for the Churchgate Peoples’ Stage Fund, making the grand total £912.00 so far! This money will be used to buy a stage that can be used for outdoor music events on Churchgate.

A full list of Booth’s Music students who took part in the Stagg Rhythm Challenge:

Beth Jones (16), Adam Horn (10), Robert (7), Madison Orchard (7), Mackenzie Nowland, Jennifer Horn, Peter Horn, Millie Ashton (10), Monica, Katie, Emily White, Lucy Diggle (15), Cameron Tate, Lily Seabrook (11), Brayden Barlow (13), Sue Jones, Eihana O’Brien (15), Connie Williamson (10), Simon Brown, Johanne (8), Theo, Bernice, Josh Harwood (12), Kieran McLoughlin, Joel Wolstencroft (10), Noah, Emily Taylor (11), Matthew Dickinson, Jonny Rogers (14), Harry brooks (14), Harry Brown (12), Joseph Colderley (12), Olly Shaw, Ryan Jones, Jake, Charlotte Duffy (8), Derek (14), Mitul, Jacob Warmqa (14), Joe Birch, Joe, Max Ainsworth and prize to best effort goes to Deano with a 636 bpm.

A list of local drummers and Booth’s tutors who came along to try the competion:

Tommy Govan (The Govans), James Aspinall, Matt Harrison, Karl Riley (Carcer City), Colin Liptrot (Forged in the Furnace of the Sun/The Cider ‘ouse Entourage), “Big Dan” (Xtrakt/Billyclub), Pete Wolfendale (Concrete Donkey/Jacknife Holiday), Andy Dawson (Blackjack Casino/Billyclub), Alex Langford-Taylor, Tez G. Willis, Joey Ludlow (Cider ‘ouse Jam Nite house drummer), Nige Barnes (Don Blake), John Leddy, Colin Whaley, Steve Elliot, Paul Barnes (Ten by Ten), Joseph, Mike Barnes,  Andy Mc (Nanukes of the North), Nick Farnworth (Cotidal/Atlanta Soul), Henric, Matt Ryan (Eagley Brass Band), Andy, Matt Judd, Don Parry, Pete Lauda, Laura Kelly, Aimee N, Ant Laird, Jean Aspinall, Matt Haigh, Pete Tate (Mississippi Relic),  Titch (Telling Twins Apart), Gav Walker (The Cider ‘ouse Entourage), Georgina Rosanna-Murray, Louis, David Meehan (The Cider ‘ouse Entourage), Simon Colderley, Kieran Lee (Crash Audio), Gerry Green (Bolton Symphonic Orchestra), and “Earl”.