Rockschool Drum Exams

drum exams rockschoolOver the years, hundreds of budding and aspiring drummers have taken their official Rockschool grade drum exams and performance certificates at Booths Music; you could too simply by going through the easy to follow entry process.

The Pearl kit used for Rockschool drum exams comes fully equipped with the required symbols for lower and higher grades. A separate acoustic kit is available for the allowed practise period prior to candidates’ exams.

The latest Rockschool drum syllabus is available to purchase in our Bolton town centre store. Pop in, say hello or call 01204 522908 for more details.

Rockschool Drum Exams: FAQs

What’s the difference between a grade exam and performance certificate?

Graded drum exams currently consist of 3 prepared performance pieces (2 of which can be free choices) and technical work as well as unprepared sight reading or improvisation, ear tests and musicianship questions. Performance certificates consist of 5 performance pieces (3 of which can be free choices). Both types of exams are accredited and receive UCAS points.

When can I take my Exam and how much will it cost?

Examinations take place in 3 periods each year; periods A, B and C. Candidates should specify which period they wish to book into during the application process. The cost of each exam depends on the grade and whether it is an individual or band assessment.Click for a full list of dates and costs. 

How do I enter for drum exams at Booths?

Candidates can enter for Rockschool  drum exams online in the entry section or through Booths Music.

How do I get to Booths Music?

Booths is located in Bolton town centre along Churchgate. Our postcode is BL1 1HU.

Drum exams at booths

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