William Davy 1504 now in Stock

1504 william davyQuality violins are pleased to announce the latest addition to their range of string instruments. This violin has been produced from woods sourced in the Himalayan mountains and aged dried for 5 years; beautifully crafted in a small Beijing workshop.

This William Davy violin No 1504 has been hand varnished in a distressed appearance giving the impression of age (without the problems of age) but the assured reliability that you would expect from of a quality modern instrument.

A brief spec of the William Davy 1504:

  • Body as described above, hand finished in Bolton.
  • Tailored Dispiau A grade figured bridge.
  • Ebony diamond tail piece.
  • Hand fitted ebony pegs.
  • Evah Pirazzi strings, giving a full rounded response with a wide range of dynamics to an already substantially good violin.
  • Close cut nut for easy fast action.

The full product page with buying option is coming soon for the William Davy 1504 Violin. Any queries regarding the 1504 please get in touch with us at Booths.

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