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About usQuality Violins has been developed thanks to a continual growing interest within Booths Music’s customer base who wish to upgrade their violin or cello. In the past, this has always been achieved on an individual basis often without having a larger representation of better string instruments.

However, now through reliable and trusted sources, from time to time we are privileged to be offered instruments of vastly high quality. Just as we like them, these instruments come to us unfinished, awaiting their final set up and dedicated attention to individual fittings.

We have personally seen hundreds of players go through their initial grades at the Booths Music school. Not everyone continues on with their chosen dream of becoming a Nigel Kennedy or Nicola Benedetti. Despite this, players that have become high achievers in their own right (at whatever level) undoubtedly appreciate the supreme qualities of an expertly crafted instrument, created with the best tonewoods available.

About Us: Booths Music Network

Part of the Booths Music network, we at Quality Violins hope this area of expertise can help you in your string playing career, whether it be guidance in upgrading your instrument, string tuition or simply help with accessories. We also offer a violin repair service for North West customers through our long-established workshop. 

About Us: William Davy

This new website for quality violins has been largely inspired by our newly branded violins that are a tribute to Bolton-based violin maker William Davy. Davy practised his skill at the turn of the 20th Century in small room that was located, coincidentally, in the same spot as our current workshop. Established in 1832, Booths Music has its own place in the musical history of this incredibly old area; it is our pleasure to rekindle this lost local name in the world of string instruments. 

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 String/ Violin lessons

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