Italia Torino – SOLD

Italia TorinoThe Italia Torino is big bodied, yet slimline jazz guitar with attitude; the fiery red finish and unconventional “F” hole gives the Italia Torino an edge. With a semi hollow maple body and Wilkinson humbuckers, the sound delivered by this beast is ideal for rockabilly, swing, jazz, blues, rock…you name it! This pre-owned Italia Torino has been through the Booths Music workshop for a full set up to ensure full playability – tiny discreet blemishes have been taken into account in the price of this item.

Enquire about the Italia Torino

If you wish to know more about the Italia Torino, please enquire here or ring +44 (0)1204 522908. This guitar has been set up through the Booths Music workshop, for more details please see the information below.

What does a guitar setup entail?

√  Truss rod adjustment

√  Fret polishing

√  Finger-board oiling

√  Electronics service

√  Set action

√  Set intonation

√  Check machineheads

√  Overall fine-tuning of the instrument to give every individual guitar its true playability




This is a second hand item and whilst Booths Music attempts to fully restore the guitar to manufacturer’s playability, small blemishes to the body and paint may still be visible. If you wish to know more about the product, you can get in touch at or call us on 01204 522908.

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