Welcome to the Booths Music Gallery page, here you’ll find images of the shop throughout the years. Dating back as early as 1890, these photos will give you an idea of how Booths has changed and adapted to the ever-evolving music industry.


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1890 – 2000

Old Photos Booths

80s Shop

90s Booths


Modern Day

Here is how Booths looks today, notice there is a new corridor on the right hand side that leads to our brand new classrooms. You can also see up-to-date shots of other studios in the building, as well as mid-session photos including our newly-arranged Choir and the Live Zone rock group.

churchgate bolton Booths Music   entrance to booths music 2   Entrance to booths music bolton   customers at booths music   customer shopping at booths   guitar strings at booths music   piano accordians booths   violins at booths music   colin serving at booths   Jean serving   sheet music booths bolton   live zone booths music   live zone at booths   mike tutor live zone bolton   violin exams booths music   matt violin tutor   matt violin tutor booths music   nick guitar tutor booths music   liam guitar tutor booths   Mike Guitar Tutor Booths Music   lexi piano tutor   laura booths music tutor   janine piano tutor   john singing tutor   john singing teacher booths music   Faye Woodwind tutor booths music   alex langford taylor drum tutor booths music   alex langford taylor booths

2014 Concerts

choir carol concert   church   Matt and String Ensemble Close up   amy live zone 1   accordian group   Young Pianists   three friends   tequila   steph singing   simon and john2   Simon and John   piano duet   piano duet 2      mia and braydon live zone 1   Matt and String Ensemble   live zone 2 jonny and mike   live zone 2 on stage   Laura and piano duo   jane on the flute   Jacob   ella   connor   Christey   choir   cameron on the drums   ben live zone

2015 String Day

GIVEAWAY WINNER   STAGE   string day crowd   TALK ON SAMUEL CROMPTON   string group

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