Booths Music Woodwind Tutors

Covering saxophone, clarinet and flute lessons, Booths’ woodwind tutors are experienced in all aspects of both ensemble and solo playing; read more about them in their individual profiles!


Woodwind Tutors


gerry greenGerry Green


Gerry offers expert tuition for several instruments and is a very talented individual. Her main instrument is clarinet, which is taught from beginner level up to grade 8 … Read more.


faye 150 woodwind tutorsFaye Mclachlan


Faye is well-trained in a number of instruments and is an experienced teacher of the flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder. With an MA in Music Performance from the University of Salford, Faye  studied all types of performances and … Read more.


Tom Campbell


Tom has been an instrumental teacher for six years and has been teaching clarinet, saxophone and piano at Booths Music since 2012. In addition to his teaching, he is also an enthusiastic student of new … Read more.




Booths has a selection of new and used woodwind instruments in stock, with many other models available to order. Popular brands that we carry include Trevor James, Miyazawa and Yanagasawa. Repairs and servicing on wind instruments is conducted from our own specialist workshop. Please enquire for more information.


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