Booths Music Piano Tutors

Piano lessons are amongst the most popular at our Bolton centre and we’re delighted to have, what we feel, are some of the best piano tutors in the North; read more about them here in their individual profiles!


Piano Tutors


laura kellyLaura Kelly


Laura Kelly teaches piano (up to grade 8), flute (up to grade 3) and also theory up to grade 5/6. Having completed a music degree at Leeds, Laura is a keen musician with several grade 8 certificates under her belt. … Read more.


mike barnes 150 piano tutorsMike Barnes


A teacher for 7 years, Mike tutors budding musicians of all ages and abilities. With a degree in composition and recording (completing the former to Masters level), Mike has vast experience in a number of musical disciplines … Read more.


gerry greenGerry Green


Gerry offers expert tuition for several instruments and is a very talented individual. Her main instrument is clarinet, which is taught from beginner level up to grade 8 … Read more.


Tom CampbellTom Campbell


Tom has been an instrumental teacher for six years and has been teaching clarinet, saxophone and piano at Booths Music since 2012. In addition to his teaching, he is also an enthusiastic student of new instruments and in recent years has taught himself the ukulele, the bass guitar and has recently picked up the flute … Read more.


Andy AinscoughAndy Ainscough


Andy has been a regular piano and woodwind teacher at Booths for a number of years and is very popular amongst students and staff alike … Read more.


Carl AustinCarl Austin


Carl has recently joined the string tutor team here at Booths. An accomplished violin player and professionally established viola player, Carl has vast experience in his chosen field, having played a number of orchestras including the Royal Academy Symphony Orchestra, the Academy Bach Cantatas Orchestra and the Academy Baroque Consort. We’re delighted to have Carl part of the crew teaching viola, violin and piano … Read more.


Anna BudhiAnna Budhi


Anna is one of the latest of our piano tutors to join the teaching team at Booths. Anna now offers piano lessons on Fridays at our … More coming soon! … More coming soon!.

Dennis TjiokDennis Tjiok


Dennis is one of the latest of our piano tutors to join the teaching team at Booths. Dennis now offers piano lessons on weekdays at our … More coming soon! … More coming soon!.

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