Donated Violins Reach Destination

Last year we found that we had accumulated a fairly large number of violin outfits that, for some reason or other, had found their way into the workroom, usually par exchanges in need of repair i.e. a missing bow, no strings, no bridge etc. But never-the-less, though non-functional, they were labelled “With potential”.

We had known Mr Karadia for several years and have always been aware of his charitable work in trying to encourage youngsters to play the violin as a way of socially integrating players that, through financial restraints, wouldn’t otherwise be given the chance to do so.

So when we became aware of Mr Karadia’s efforts to send a number of instruments abroad into poorer communities we knew we had potentially found a home for our own workroom violins.

After replacing all missing parts and ensuring all instruments were in good playing order, we asked Mr Karadia if they could be included in the next batch destined for India.

They of course were grateful for the donation, but to see the recognition through a video link was, for us, really appreciated – to know those violins are now all being used all over again is fantastic.

Should anyone know of similar unwanted violins please speak to a member of staff.

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