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The staff and teachers at Booths Music have begun a series of useful lesson tips to be updated on a weekly basis. Over time we shall be bringing you handy lesson tips on everything from guitar tuning, violin maintenance to performing a rock beat on the drum kit. Here are some articles on lesson tips that you may have missed so far!

Guitar Tuning for Beginners

One of the aspects of playing a stringed instrument that I would consider crucial to understand early on is tuning. An out-of-tune guitar not only sounds unpleasant but is off-putting when learning new repertoire, scales etc., especially at beginner level when you may be unsure of what sound should be produced … Read more.

Tuning Your Bass

Approaching a bass guitar can be difficult on the ear at first as the frequencies produced are much lower than a regular guitar, and most other stringed instruments. However, I believe tuning your bass is very important and learning to keep it in tune before progressing too far with the instrument is key … Read more.

How to Set Up Your Drum Kit

In our series of easy guides and lesson tips, here are some quick pointers to help you set up your drum kit. When you come to start playing the drums, it is highly likely you will do so on a standard five piece rock drum kit, so we’ll stick to this format throughout this guide … Read more.


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Solutions for Violin Tuning Problems

When it comes to violin tuning, players often experience difficulty in re-tuning their instrument either from ill fitting pegs, slipping pegs or just the physical effort it takes to twist and turn. Over the months and years, hours of valuable practice time can be wasted … Read more.

Violin Maintenance Tips

A violin is a delicate instrument and although it doesn’t have a particularly high maintenance life, it needs tender loving care and treatment to give you years of good service and to avoid unnecessary problems … Read more.

Saxophone Maintenance Tips

A saxophone is a hardy instrument and generally requires fairly low maintenance. However, by ensuring you follow a few easy guidelines, it will undoubtably give you extra years of good service … Read more.

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Flute Maintenance Tips

Your flute should arrive to you in a pristine and fully set-up condition from the factory in which it was manufactured. Flute maintenance once purchased is quite minimal and although it is a precision instrument, with the right care should give years of good service … Read more.

Look out for more lesson tips soon!

Keep checking back for more useful lesson tips on maintenance and general playing with guitar, drums, woodwind, strings, piano, brass and woodwind instruments.


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