Summer Guitar Offers

Hello everybody,

Having just taken delivery of some really cool Tanglewood acoustic guitars, including the popular Discovery and Crossroads models, I thought it would be an idea to show the guitars off. The Discovery acoustic models (available in a fantastic range of colours) are currently on sale at £119.00, with an RRP of £139.00, and The Crossroads acoustic is just £99.00, again with an RRP of £139.00. The electro-acoustic Discovery is reduced from £199.00 to £159.00, so outstanding offers all ’round. Both the Discovery and Crossroads guitars are constructed with a Spruce-ply top and are set up to be exceptionally playable. And, they sound great and really look smart! Pop in an have a try.

acoustic guitars
There are also two used electric bass guitars that have been taken into stock over the last week. There’s an Epiphone EB-0 short-scale “SG” shaped bass with a really growly tone (£129.00), and a Fernandes Gravity five-string with two “jazz”-type pickups and a thundering low end (£189.00). As mentioned, both basses are used but have been looked after.
Finally, another tasty looking guitar that has come into stock is a custom-build “Tele” featuring a solid mahogany body, Warmoth bubinga neck (fantastic profile), Bare Knuckle Piledriver bridge pickup and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder neck pickup. This instrument is in immaculate condition and offers superb tone and playability – yours for just £499.00.

Thanks for reading and if you feel you would like to come and try and of these instruments, please feel free to head on down to the store and take a look before they get snapped up by another customer. COLIN

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