RSL period A & mock exam sessions

The busy exam season is almost here again with RSL period A dates announced for Summer. Examinations will be conducted from Booths’ town centre premises on the Sunday before their exam. Good luck to all those who are taking part in this cycle.

For the first time here at Booths Music, a number of RSL candidates will be sitting “mock exam” sessions prior to the actual dates. The hope is that this will enable students to build confidence and take advantage of additional practice towards their exam, alongside familiarising themselves with the surroundings of the live room and examination proceedings. Constructive feedback will be offered and candidates can then spend the remaining time before their exam concentrating on areas that need improvement.

Mock exam sittings will be operated on Sundays 14th and 28th February in the upstairs live studio. With fairly limited spaces available, bookings will be taken prior to these dates for candidates who wish to take place in a mock exam session. Please give the store a call on 01204 522 908 any time to subscribe to a thirty-minute slot, or to discuss the matter further. Alternatively, you can use the online contact form.

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