Rockschool Period B 2016 Exam Dates

For those who have entered Rockschool examinations at Booths Music for guitar, bass, vocals, drums or piano, new exam dates have been added to Period B 2016.

Due to high demand, new exam dates have now been added to the Rockschool period B 2016. Depending on when you specified in your exam form, the possible dates in full are as follows:


20th May

5th June

19th June

1st July

10th July

17th July

27th July

Practice days are available of the 29th May, 12th and 16th of July, 3rd and 24th July. Sessions must be booked in with either one of our tutors or their own, rates still apply i.e. £15.00 for half hour. A simulated practice then exam procedure will be gone through.

For more information on Rockschool exams at Booths Music, go to There you will find information on specific instrument examinations as well as how to enter.
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