A few new guitars in stock this week

Hello everybody,

There have been a small number of nice new guitars delivered today. Once again, there are outstanding offers available to Booths Music customers exclusively.


Firstly, we have a couple of fine Crafter instruments here to satisfy the “South Paw” market out there. The left-handed HT24 is availabe in a straight acoustic model at £120.00, with an electro-acoustic version in stock at £160.00. Both models feature a  spruce top, mahogany back & sides and are set up quite nicely. Ideal as a better-end beginner model or a reliable back-up guitar you can cart around anywhere with you.


Another model that is always a popular seller is the Countryman AB electro-acoustic bass guitar, which has a rich tone and plays brilliantly. With the growing popularity of open mic and jam sessions, the acoustic bass has seen a bit of a resurgence of late and this really is a great value instrument for just £199.00.

Please feel  free to call down to the store any time and try and of our guitars out for yourself. We have quiet (or LOUD!) studios available where you can spend some time with any instrument without staff or customers looking over your shoulder. Cheers, COLIN.


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