Zildjian Gen16 Cymbals

Zildjian cymbals


This week will hopefully see the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Zildjian Gen16 cymbal sets to compliment the two new percussion studios now nearing completion!

These two new studios will give us a little more breathing space and hopefully the chance for new up and aspiring drummers to get involved and hop on that journey to becoming the bedrock of any band.

Zildjian & Remo Silencers

If you’ve popped into the shop recently, you’ll have noticed that our new drum rooms are almost ready for action, equipped with the latest Silentstroke Remo drum heads. This allows two drum kits in close proximity without the need for extra thick ear plugs! The drum skins and Zildjian Gen16 cymbals are state of the art, reducing noice levels but still producing tone, dynamics and feel.

Stay posted for more student news and updates on drum lessons in Bolton – JAMES.

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